Learning How To Play Music With Unreal Engine

Ever wished practicing music could be as addictive as playing your favorite video game? That feeling when you just can’t wait to level up, hit the next stage, or unlock that achievement? Well, get ready for Unreal Musician’s Learn and Play Mode, where we’re turning practice into the kind of game you won’t want to […]

How Unreal Engine is Powering the Next Generation of DAWs

Ever played a game so immersive, you felt like you were actually living in it? That’s Unreal Engine doing its thing, making game worlds look and feel as real as it gets. Now, take that same magic, but instead of crafting epic game landscapes, imagine using it to make music. Sounds wild, right? That’s exactly […]

Integrating UE5 3D Visualization with Sound

Alright, let’s dive straight into something that’s flipping the script on how we make and vibe with music.You’ve probably messed around with some music making apps before, maybe even got deep into the weeds with DAWs like FL Studio or Ableton.But hold up, because things are about to get a whole lot cooler with Unreal […]