Unreal Musician

Visualize. Learn. Compose. Render

A 3D Simulator For Musicians

Powered By Unreal Engine

Create Compelling Cinematic Visualizers

The Cinematic Mode offers 3D scenes showcasing characters performing your preferred music on your chosen instruments.

Whether you desire an expansive 3D environment or a concentrated scene, such as a 3D Piano Visualizer, the Unreal Musician Simulator App is your one-stop solution.

Learn, Practice And Play Along

Ready to play piano? Just switch to Learn and Play mode. Follow the MIDI notes as they flow down the screen, and take control of the speed. Practice at your own pace until you nail your favorite tunes.

Digital Audio Workstation Mode

Ever wondered how it would be to make music within a 3D Simulator / Game? Well you can make music directly within Unreal Musician! Choose from different real time Virtual Instruments and make your next hit and share with your friends! Just like FL Studio , Cubase, Ableton Live.

Import From Your Favourite DAW

Supports importing various formats from your favorite DAW. You can make compositions any DAW and export/import with the MIDI Format. Other specialized formats for specific DAWs will be available.

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